Saxon Falchion

  • Dated: mid 16th century
  • Culture: Saxon
  • Measurements: overall lenght 82cm

Also called a Malchus (Storta Falchion) this Saxon sword has a gilded iron hilt with an S-shaped guard with rolled ends. The hilt features a shell-shaped hand protection with applied Saxon coat of arms. The handle is made from one piece of ivory while the pommel is carved in the shape of a head - a bearded man wearing a turban - that is looking to the right.

The ferrule and guard of the sword features acanthus leaf designs. The blade has on both sides gold-etched decoration on blackened, dotted background: tendrils, on one side a woman standing on a winged globe while the obverse side has a standing ancient warrior.

Source: Copyright © 2013 Fischer Kunst und Antiquitätenauktionen